Mehndi Design for Chest, Henna Design for Chest

By | October 13, 2018

In this article today we are talking about the Mehndi Design for Chest. Chest mehndi design is different from the normal mehndi design. If you are interested in this mehndi design then you have to read the given below article.

Mehndi Design for Chest 1

Mehndi Design for Chest:

Mehndi Design for Chest are latest in fashion. Most of the girls and women’s who are belonging from the western side they wear the this type of mehndi. Chest mehndi design is use to represent the happiness. It is the part of decoration of women’s body. Chest mehndi deign show the happiness and destiny of the human, it is also show the happiness of the women’s marriage. The chest mehndi design is use for saying about the freehand. In the chest mehndi design will gives you the spiritual connection feeling that are apply to it.

Mehndi Design for Chest 2

This is the floral chest mehndi design also decorated with the small leaf and small designs of henna.

Mehndi Design for Chest 3

Leaf mehndi design for chest decorated with the geometric pattern and linings. This is the necklace style chect mehndi design.

Mehndi Design for Chest 4

Necklace style chest mehndi design covered with the half round design and small dots gives the best look to this chest mehndi design.


Henna Design for Chest:

Every of the body design with henna that shown the different meanings. If you wear the henna in palms then it shows for the blessing and if you wear the henna in hand then it will show for the protection. Henna design for chest is use the peoples to look the exceptional because of  the significance to wear. Henna is power, you can design your own as your wish.

Mehndi Design for Chest 5

Floral henna design on chest, it is looks like the heavy necklace that is wear by a women. The tattoo is decorate with the red color rose flower and small design of henna.

Mehndi Design for Chest 6

This type chest mehndi design is call the paisley and peacock henna design. In this tattoo you will find the paisley, peacock and very small designs of henna.

Mehndi Design for Chest 7

Unique chest henna design, which is design by the starts and other different design and also decorated with the small piece of single stone.

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